#0: All-Res



I need space.

Space to throw words against the wall.

Space to work through new ideas.

Space to succeed. Space to fail.

Space to share.

I need…space.


‘All Res’ is a space. An empty space. At least, it’s empty now, as I’m clumsily bashing these characters into my phone keypad. By the time you’re reading this, it won’t be empty anymore. ‘All Res’ will have moved on from mental conception to virtual birth. I have no idea what ‘All Res’ will grow up to be.

To tell the truth, I’m not even sure what ‘All Res’ means. The inspiration from a Gogo Penguin song of the same name (I hope they don’t mind). That’s my first confession. I’m sure there’ll be more to follow.

Those two words have been stuck in my head for a while, now. Perhaps that’s what this new thing will be – a space to stick words that are stuck in my head. A trickle from my mind. My little stream of consciousness.

Right now, in this moment of conception, all my mind can fixate on is research. ‘All Res’. Perhaps ‘Res’ is short for reservoir, too. And that seems quite fitting, seeing as that is all this little stream could ever hope to be. Research is everywhere and anywhere. As long as there are people to see, to think, to draw, to write, and to do, there will always be more research to be done. ‘All Res’ might be all about research, but it could never aim to hold all research.

‘All Res’ is naturally restricted, then. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. All streams have the ability to meet other streams, if the conditions are right. We must remove our reservations – or better still, become conscious of why they exist – if we are to overcome them.

If we can manage that, perhaps our little streams can one day meet. And at that point of meeting – the confluence – the greatest of things can happen. With enough streams, we might one day see rivers. And with enough rivers, perhaps we can build a reservoir that we can all drink from.

But for now, ‘All Res’ is but a trickle; nothing more than a bead of sweat, running down my hand to my fingertip, as I frantically slam my thumbs down onto this phone keypad.

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