About ‘All-Res’

I created ‘All-Res’ because I felt like I was in need of a different kind of space.

As a researcher trying to make a go of the whole ‘academia’ thing, I’m often asked what it is I actually do. And I always struggle to find an answer that makes any kind of sense.

In fact, I often find myself questioning what I’m even doing here. What good does any of my writing or reading actually do for the world out there?

Is this whole ‘PhD’ malarkey just a status thing? Or might it actually go somewhere?

These are just a few of the internal anxieties I regularly find myself contending with. And, even in the early days of what I hope might one day be deemed as a ‘career’, one thing has become clear: I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Our experiences as researchers are utterly different, but there are many points of connection to be found between them. By sharing our stories, we might bring more of those similarities to light, and forge new, and deeper meanings from them.

‘All-Res’ is a space for bringing our anxieties out into the open – where we can face them head-on, together.

Ryan Bramley, ‘All-Res’ Founder