#3: Writing a thing, about writing a thing

Professional development. Training needs analyses. Skills checklists. Interactive learning journals. E-portfolios. Career objectives. As a new postgraduate researcher, it feels like I’m spending half of my time doing stuff, and the other half, writing stuff about doing stuff. And that isn’t okay.

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#2: The Fire and The Thud

One day, I can find myself so incredibly energetic: like a fire has lit up my core; my head, brimming with passion, pride, and the overwhelming will to make change happen….and then, THUD. The energy, dissipated, leaves a void of helplessness in its wake. I bury my head under the sheets for another hour. More sleep. Just an hour. I’ll get up soon. 

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#0: All-Res

I need space. Space to throw words against the wall. Space to work through new ideas.Space to succeed. Space to fail.

‘All Res’ is a space. An empty space. At least, it’s empty now, as I’m clumsily bashing these characters into my phone keypad.